Our Services - Consulting

Strategic Planning

  • Configure a strategic formulation process by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and requirements.
  • Develop a robust business model
  • Investigate the marketability, competitiveness and sustainability of the industry, product or service.
  • Develop a strategic plan for execution that is effective, practical and adaptive to change.
  • Rely on thorough market research (primary and secondary), conceptual development and a systematic structure to achieving the desired strategy.

Investment Opportunity Analysis

Core provides an opportunity assessment report based on the key investment selection criteria provided by Clients:

  • Investment overview
  • Industry overview
  • Opportunity SWOT
  • Financial review
  • Commercial review
  • Reasonableness of assumptions used
  • Synergy analysis
  • Due diligence of investment managers
  • Conclusion based on pre-defined investment criteria

Project Management

Increasingly, organizations have been embarking on introducing project management processes to realize their strategic objectives. Core Consulting can provide the following services while working closely with the designated appointed organization team:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of existing project management frameworks
  • Setting up and development of project management frameworks
  • Write project management manuals
  • Implement any of the above through training, supervision and hand holding
  • Counsel on staff training and project management certification issues
  • Monitoring and evaluation of projects

Business Process and System Modeling

Organizations are currently battling with the documentation of internal processes. The purpose could be ISO certification, regular development of procedure manuals, reverse engineering of business process and their reengineering, training manuals, analysis and design for automation. Towards this end, organizations are encouraged to use modern process mapping techniques (such as the Unified Modeling Language, UML).  Core Consulting can assist in the following:

  • Setting up and training an internal process modeling team
  • Modeling the current processes
  • Modeling the reengineered processes
  • Developing manuals for the mapped processes

Information Technology

  • Design of IT Applications: analyze the requirements, develop functional and technical specifications for IT applications.
  • Development of IT strategic plans
  • Development of IT Policies and Procedures
  • Development of National IT and e-Government Strategies


Core is active in both the provision of opportunities and in the assessment of hotel projects for potential acquisitions or sales.

Healthcare: Clinical Quality Improvement

  • Design, implement and manage multi-hospital, data-driven quality improvement programs for national health ministries, professional surgical and medical associations, and entities that own more than five hospitals
  • Functions as outsourced provider of essential IT, training, and analysis services for regional quality improvement with the ultimate purpose of handing off these functions  to the program coordinating center
  • Quantify financial benefits of clinical quality improvement
  • Develop business plans and manage regional collaborative quality improvement initiatives for hospitals and clinics        
  • Develop predictive models to inform, in real-time, clinical and financial performance improvement within the process of patient care
  • Provide advisory services and software for efficient aggregation of process and outcomes data, statistical analysis, and online reporting to enable clinical performance improvement initiatives

Film Production and Financing

  • Core offers advisory services and provides strategic partnerships and relationships in the film industry in the USA and Europe and the Middle East for film production, debt financing in the film sector and sourcing of the equity.
  • Assesses film projects, budgets and financial projections for prospective investors in line with international accounting standards
  • Core reformulates financials provided by film producers into well-structured financial/profitability projections, cash flows and KPIs
  • Provide production and financing consultation for independent movie makers
  • Structures Information Memoranda in the film sector as well as provide the required analysis and shortcomings on behalf of its media financing clients.
  • Filming by specialized production teams of cultural, entertainment and sports events

Entrepreneurship: Information Services, Technology, Healthcare Information Technology

Advise and facilitate building of new or emerging technology-based enterprises:

  • Brainstorming, Conception, and Opportunity Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Recruiting and building senior management teams
  • Raising investment capital through early and later-stage rounds
  • Consulting services to inform business development and strategic planning
  • Advising management through multiple stages of growth: from start-up to exit