Our Services - Corporate Finance

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

Core enables organizations to assess the financial and economic viability of projects before resources are allocated. Such studies also provide independent project assessment and enhance project credibility by viewing the proposed business concept in detail through serious market research to verify the viability of implementing the project.

The business case will highlight the reasons why a particular project should be favored over other alternatives. It will also sum up the merits, demerits and validity of assumptions as well as assessing the financial and non-financial costs and benefits related to the business case.

Financial Models & Business Valuations

Core specializes in preparing financial spreadsheet models that provide organizations with financial projections based on assumptions provided by the clients, which are assessed and reformulated. The financial models present the following key components:

  • Key inputs or assumptions
  • Projected financial statements
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Core’s valuation of a business and its underlying assets rely on the combination of its methodology and experience of its consultants. These are evident within the strategic, operational and financial structuring of the client’s business.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Core provides M&A assistance to clients looking to either acquire or sell businesses or investments around the world.

With a strong network of investors who seek good investment opportunities, Core can provide sell-side assistance services to organizations looking to raise funds through banks or other investors. Core can also help such organizations liaise with other professional firms for providing various legal or transactional services.

Private Placement Memoranda

Core can assist organizations in preparing their Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and in providing sell-side opportunities. Core will document the memorandum and assist in formulating the structure, research and financial modeling services to prepare a thorough and engaging PPM.

Working Capital Management

  • Assist clients in releasing value in current capital accounts: receivables, payables and inventories
  • Offer strategies that improve overall liquidity and efficiently manage bank credit lines
  • Prepare adjusted working capital analysis
  • Calculate the working capital requirements based on forecasts and business plans.

Debt Finance Restructuring

  • Undertake workout sessions with clients who seek to improve their financials in order to persuade banks to restructure debts
  • Take the load away from banks and other financial organizations that need the assistance of experts in dealing with their clients with respect to repayment of debt.
  • Intermediate between lender and delinquent borrower to attain a restructuring schedule acceptable to both sides

Islamic Finance and Shari’a Compliance

  • Provide innovative, yet conservative, structuring techniques into the field of Islamic Finance
  • Structure Project Finance Islamically
  • Structure Sukuks and apply credit enhancement techniques to increase their attractiveness
  • Provide models for creating asset-backed financing programs
  • Provide Shari’a compliant structures to conventional transactions and deals