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Mystery Shopping, Spot and Background Checks


Mystery Shopping

The proven benefits of Mystery Shopping have been demonstrated time and time again exposing breakdowns in service, processes, procedures and performance.


Leading global companies know too well the advantage of having real time information that can be acted on without delay to improve standards, cost efficiency, productivity and profitability.


Mystery shopping is all too often accepted as a role best carried out by unknown visitors to a retail business but as has been discovered, the strategic advantage of using a qualified and experienced Mystery Shopper (MS) provides far more accurate, unbiased, impartial real information and feedback that can be strategically used for improvement in performance of retail services and individual performance.


The performance of a business is not demonstrated by the accounts alone, it is clearly demonstrated in the synergies between management, staff, suppliers, customers and service providers.


Global companies and national companies carrying out activities as structured franchises or SME business units, including local retail and service businesses and stand-alone operations that rely on process control, adherence to procedures and compliance at all levels within the select industry or retail service provision.


Question - How can your head office, company country management, business or service provider be sure your customers or clients are enjoying the best shopping experience at your retail business, outlet or franchise?


Question – How can a business owner, management team or leading franchisor like you be sure of service provision and returns of a franchisee?


Answer - At Core Consulting we have a select group of demographically varied staff - internationally experienced Mystery Shoppers who have carried out Quality Assurance training, Health & Safety reporting, and in some cases have been or are registered professional investigators who pay attention to detail and know and understand not only their task as Mystery Shoppers but your needs as business managers.


At Core Consulting we provide a range of Mystery Shopper Experience (MSE) services and we will endeavor to not only achieve your company’s management requirements but also to contribute significantly more from a detailed responsible “Eyes and ears on the ground” approach which could include MSE reports, fine details, photographs where necessary, personal experience descriptions and where appropriate and authorized – recordings made for internal company use and training only.



Spot Checks

There are times when corporate management needs an immediate independent unbiased pragmatic spot check to evaluate a situation or to provide information which may prove strategically valuable in the “next steps” of an already undertaken action or ongoing situation. 


We provide a unique Spot Check Specialist (SCS) service which will include carrying out an immediate site visit to do situational determination. This may be because of a disruption in services, client dissatisfaction report, management problems, staff problems or supplier or service provider issues. 


We will carry out a spontaneous immediate property or business visit at your request and provide immediate feedback, a detailed report and where appropriate & authorized, photographs and even recordings for internal company use and application.


In the event of an incident we will also recommend and where necessary carry out immediate damage containment solutions, barricading, asset securing and security service implementation including IP camera connectivity to ensure distanced managers remain up to date at all times.



Background Checks

The benefit of background checks is summed up in essence by the classical saying -  

“Time spent on a reconnaissance is seldom wasted……”


Question - Who is actually working for your company? Not only staff and managers, but service providers and suppliers….?


Answer - At Core Consulting we have the solutions and skills required to carry out medium level background checks on service staff, supervisory staff and even management. We will also do factual background and verification on service providers and suppliers as well.


Our experienced background check staff will quickly determine factual accuracy of, check and evaluate CV’s, prior employment references, landlord’s reports, personal references and social media and internet presence.


In the face of constantly changing staff, personalities and the increasing possibility of CV fraud, the question is not whether companies today can afford to carry out pre employment staff background checks but rather whether leading companies can afford not to.




Using an experienced and skilled and demographically diversified range of individuals, Core Consulting offers a genuine turnkey one stop shop for high quality Mystery Shopping Experience feedback requirements, Business Spot Check needs and Staff and Company Background checks in Bahrain.